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Member Posting Rules

Respect Your Community

WeWannaGo has been created to promote enjoyment, education, exploration, and experience of life through participation and attendance at events and activities in your local community and beyond.  So, in the spirit of the creators, please respect the website and the people you are sharing this site with.  Don't abuse the website.  Every cool new Listing on WeWannaGo involves a certain level of trust.  We trust you to be responsible, and millions of users respect that trust, so please be one of them.

We Review Postings Tagged As Inappropriate

This is where we ensure you are responsible.  When a Listing or Comment posted to the site is tagged as inappropriate, we review it to determine whether it violates our Terms of Use.  Tagged postings are not automatically taken down by the system.  If we remove your posting after reviewing it, you can be assured that we removed it purposefully, and you will receive a Violation Warning.  You should take our Violation Warning notification seriously, take a deep breath and re-read our General Terms and Conditions (and Business Member Terms and Conditions, if applicable) then stick to the rules!  

If you find postings on WeWannaGo that you think violates our terms and conditions, please Report them so we can review them as well!

Don't Cross the Line

Here are some common-sense rules that will help you steer clear of trouble:

  • Do not use foul language, pornography or sexually explicit content in your postings, regardless of the type of service or event you are promoting or commenting on.  If your posting can be described in this way, don't post it on WeWannaGo.  Be advised that we work closely with law enforcement authorities and we report suspected child exploitation and criminal activity.  Please read our Safety Tips in the General Terms and Conditions, stay safe and protect the safety of others.
  • There is zero tolerance for illegal and/or predatory behavior.  Don't post anything promoting illegal gatherings or activities connected to criminal activity, abuse of animals, incitement of hatred, violence, illegal drug taking, or substance abuse or the like.  Also do not engage in stalking, threats, harassment, invading privacy, or revealing the personal information of others.  Doing these things may get you permanently banned from WeWannaGo.
  • Respect copyright.  Only upload images, trademarks and brand names that you own or that you are permitted to use.  Read our Copyright Tips for more information.
  • We encourage free speech and defend everyone's right to express political opinion, or unpopular points of view.  However we will not permit promotion of hate campaigns or activity (speech, gatherings, or actions which attack or demean individuals or a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or their past or present service in the armed forces of their nation). Nor will we tolerate "Troll-like activity" or attempts to damage the reputation or business by repeated and unwarranted negative comments posted about a Business Member's event lisings and/or their general homepage. If you have a poor experience, by all mans you may post about your experience, but you cannot use this website as a tool to defame or damage the reputation of a business, person or activity.

Business Members

  • Everyone hates misrepresentation and spamming.  Do not create misleading descriptions, tags, titles, keywords or images in an attempt to increase views of your Listing.  Do not post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted or repetitive content, including multiple Listings and/or comments and private messages.  As long as you have followed our Guidelines and Tips on how to create and post your listing, it will appear in every search our Crowd (the Users) make for the type, timing or location of the event you are promoting.
  • Do not create bogus Listings, that is, a listing for an event or activity which you do not intend to conduct, with the intention of attracting customers to your premises or site.  Always deliver what you promise wherever possible.  If there is a problem, as early as possible alter your Listing or put a Cancellation Notice on the Listing to give your customers as much warning as possible that the event or activity will not be what was originally promoted.
  • Remember our Business Member Terms and Conditions enable us to unilaterally remove without recourse, any Listing we consider to be inappropriate to the WeWannaGo website.  If a Listing is removed we may listen to your appeal, but our decision is final.  To enjoy the benefits of promoting your events and activities on this site please respect our rules and Terms and Conditions.  Violations of the Business Member Terms and Conditions may result in a Violation Warning notification or termination of your account.  If your account is terminated you are prohibited from creating any new accounts.