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The Handmade Life
Contact: Caristia Sanders
P: 0418415591
E: [email protected]
The Handmade Life provides personal development courses and individual counselling face-to-face in Adelaide and on Skype for interstate clients. 

The workis based on a system that uses the Jungian concept of Archetypes (energies) in a fresh new way to help clients make choices that are more life affirming.

We present a range of programs including The Archetypal Journey, The Gift of Understanding and The Ttransformation Journey. 

Working with either groups or individuals, the “Vision – Action – Change” process is used to create lasting change at a personal level. Clients develop a renewed belief in themselves and the unique gifts they can offer.

All programs are designed to assist clients to achieve deep healing and move quickly through the things that are holding them back.

The programs are offered both in Adelaide or on the River Murray in a houseboat.