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General Terms and Conditions

  1. The General Terms and Conditions and the Posting Rules of the WeWannaGo website form part of these Member Terms and Conditions and should be read in conjunction with the Member Terms and Conditions detailed below. By agreeing to the Member Terms and Conditions you are also agreeing to the General Terms and Conditions and the Posting Rules.
  2. WeWannaGo reserves the right to amend or update these Member Terms and Conditions, General Terms and Conditions and the Posting Rules from time to time without prior notice. Please visit these pages regularly to ensure you understand your obligations.
  3. You acknowledge that you are the operator of the business or organizer of the event(s) or provider of the product(s) which you list on the WeWannaGo website and bear sole responsibility for the conduct of your business.
  4. You warrant that you hold all licences and permits and insurances required under any legal jurisdiction(s) your organisation operates to conduct the business event(s) or provide the product(s) and you hold WeWannaGo harmless against any legal action against you.
  5. WeWannaGo Membership whether paid monthly or annually is still defined to be a minimum 12 month agreement.
  6. No refunds will be granted once membership has been purchased and access has been initiated.
  7. All tools and material within the WeWannaGo Membership portal must not at any time be duplicated, copied or presented in public, reverse engineered or tampered with in any way.  All tools and material, are subject to copyright law and/or patent law, and remain the intellectual property of WeWannaGo at all times.
  8. The definition of 'tools and material' means all Images, Audio, Video, PDF, Printed or Webcast Events, Computer Code, Presentations and Information contained within the pages of the WeWannaGo website and the look and feel of this site.
  9. By uploading images and/or information to this site you are:
    1. declaring that you own such images and/or information, or have legal right to use such images and/or information.
    2. giving WeWannaGo permission to display and/or republish this material in connection with promoting your event or activity on the WeWannaGo website or in promoting the WeWannaGo website generally.
  10. Reproduction of any WeWannaGo website content must be approved in writing by the webmaster.
  11. Membership when purchased is considered to be for an individual entity, or individual company or corporation under a single brand. If an individual, company, or corporation operates more than one brand, a separate membership must be purchased and operated for each brand.
  12. Passwords are granted to an individual upon payment for a WeWannaGo Membership and are not transferable.
  13. Non-payment of Membership Fees constitutes a breach of Member Terms and Conditions.
  14. Failing to provide WeWannaGo with details of a valid credit card account from which Membership fees and/or advertising fees or other charges can be deducted constitutes a breach of Member Terms and Conditions. You are advised to update your card details on the WeWannaGo Member Admin page if your credit card expires or is cancelled for any reason.
  15. The cardholder of the credit card used to pay the membership fee, regardless of whether the card is a corporate account or individual account, becomes the Primary Administrator of the Membership Account and is held personally responsible by WeWannaGo for all content, images and information posted to the Member Pages and Event Listings for publication on the WeWannaGo website.
  16. The Primary Administrator may invite and authorize additional persons to become Secondary Administrators of the entity’s membership, however the Primary Administrator cannot delegate responsibility for the content uploaded by the Secondary Admistrators and therefore is advised to maintain a supervisory role in relation to the information their Secondary Admistrators post to the site.
  17. Breach of The General Terms and Conditions and/or the Member Terms and Conditions by the Member whether by the actions or omissions of the Primary Admistrator or a Secondary Administrator may result in suspension and/or cancellation of the Membership by the webmaster. If a Membership is suspended or cancelled, WeWannaGo reserves the following rights at its absolute discretion;
    1. to hide any information posted to the site, either in part or in entirety from view by visitors to the public pages of the site.
    2. to restrict access to the Member Pages by the Primary Administrator and/or any Secondary Administrator
  18. If a Membership is suspended, the webmaster may reinstate access to the Member Pages once the breach has been remedied.
  19. If a Membership is cancelled, the webmaster will not allow the former Member to create any new account and is not obliged to the former Member in any way. This includes holding or making available information uploaded to the site and/or any unexpired membership or advertising fees or any other moneys paid to WeWannaGo.