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About Us


What's WeWannaGo all About?

WeWannaGo aims to be an online community for people to connect with other people by sharing in events, and activities, expanding their interests, learning new things and most of all to have fun!

  • You don’t have to sign up…But it’s better if you do!

You can browse events listed on WeWannaGo using the broad categories found on the browse page without signing up as a member of our online community we like to call our “Crowd”.
However if you do join our Crowd you can access detailed searches on Locations, Dates, Date Ranges and Keywords to zero in on the exact type of event you want to find.  Then you can share with your friends by Email or Facebook, comment on the events, view the comments of others, save your favourite searches and much more!

  • There is absolutely no cost to join our Crowd!  and
    ..... WE DO NOT share your details with anyone else

  • WeWannaGo is all about having fun.

There's a lot here to see, and lots of events and activities to get you off your couch! - don't be afraid to try something different, that's what it's all about, so dive in and check it out, then go off and experience it.

  • Let people know what you think.

Feedback is part of the experience, and when done with respect, can be a great way to share events you are interested in and stories that help others have great experiences too. So leave comments, rate events, make your own responses to places of interest, enter into the spirit of daily adventure -there's a lot going on and a lot of ways to participate here.

  • You may not like everything you see.

Some content may offend you -if you find that it violates our General Terms of Use, then click "Report to Webmaster" under the Listing to submit it for review by WeWannaGo staff. If it doesn't, then consider just clicking on something else -why waste time on stuff you don't like?

Thanks for checking us out! Just click on the "Browse Events" tab from the Homepage OR get right into it and Sign up here !


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More About WeWannaGo

What makes WeWannaGo different from other event promotion websites?

  • WeWannaGo is a search-based website

You can browse various popular searches to see what's out there, or you can make your search as detailed as you like using the fields in the search tab.

  • Events of all types are listed on WeWannaGo

You don't have to go to multiple websites to check out events at different venues or of different types. No hunting for last week's newspaper, or saving paper flyers, or trying to remember the details of that ad you heard on the radio two days ago. Not only is it easy to find what you are looking for, it's easy to just browse and decide once you've seen something that interests you.

  • Events are loaded directly into our database

The Business Members who are conducting their event load the details of each event direct into our "back office". Therefore you are getting it straight from the source. The event details are up to date and written for the audience the promoter is wanting to attract.

  • Booking details

All the details to assist you to book tickets (if necessary) and get to the event on time are contained in the event listing, and often there are links direct to the ticketing sites you need to book with.

  • There are no old events

WeWannaGo automatically removes old events from the search pages. This means your searches are not clogged up with out of date information.


That's it! Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy WeWannaGo and the events and activities we promote

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